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Year Group Curriculum


Foundation Stage Curriculum Map

Welcome to Springhill - May Meeting 2024

Below is the Foundation Stage information meeting/phonics workshop from 2023. 


A Parent's Guide to Foundation Learning

Classes in Foundation are:

FEL            Mrs Lushaju

FDH           Mrs Hamerlak

FGS            Mrs Simmonds

Early Years Assistants:

Mrs Thornton

Ms Rzesna

Mrs Kalkowska

Mrs Sulewska-Singh

Mrs Starska

Year 1

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Below is the year 1 information meeting video from 2023.

Classes in Year 1 are:

1DB            Miss Bagot

1NC           Ms Cross

1SR            Miss Szasz/Mrs Rhodes

Learning Support Assistants:

Miss Jesus

Mr Jay

Mrs Gonzalez-Rodriguez

Mrs Starska

Year 2

Year 2 Curriculum Map

Below is the Year 2 information meeting video from 2023.


Methods of Teaching Maths in Year 2

Below is the video recording from the SATS information meeting in 2023.


Classes in Year 2 are:

2OD           Mrs Dass

2RL            Mrs Lively

2EW            Miss White

Learning Support Assistants: 

Mrs C. Heyes 

Ms Poulkari

Mrs Polacek

Mrs Gokal

Mrs Wilamowska

Ms Milne

Year 3

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Below is the Year 3 information meeting video from 2023.

Classes in Year 3 are:

3DR           Mrs Robinson

3CL            Mrs Crighton-Lee

3MR           Mrs Russell

Learning Support Assistants:    

Mrs L. Coutinho

Ms Thornton

Mrs Dear

Mrs Le Flohic

Year 4 

Year 4 Curriculum Map

Below is the year 4 information meeting video from 2023.

Classes in Year 4 are:

4JH             Mrs Healey

4BM           Mrs Brown/Mrs Moody

4SW           Mr Walter

Learning Support Assistants:   

Mrs Donnachie

Mrs Vigouroux

Ms  Street

Mrs Petch

Mrs Kedzior


Year 4 RSE information video


Year 5

Year 5 Curriculum Map

Classes in Year 5 are:

5Ew            Mrs West

5LK            Mr Kay

5GM          Miss Murray

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Richardson

Mrs Llewellyn

Mrs O'Connell

Mrs Philips

Mrs Speigal

Below is the year 5 information meeting video from 2023.


Year 5 RSE information video


Year 6

Year 6 Curriculum Map

Classes in Year 6 are:

6JP             Miss Palmer

6LP            Miss Pollard

6JS             Mr Sutherland

Learning Support Assistants:

Mr M. Cowap

Mrs C. Greene

Mrs H. Gonda

Mr Quarrie

Below is the year 6 information meeting video from 2023.


Year 6 RSE information video