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At Springhill Catholic Primary School, we are committed to providing a variety of opportunities for all children to know, love and serve God that will enrich their lives and help them to understand Catholic faith traditions, as part of our ever changing world and the multicultural society in which we live.

Prayer and worship are primarily concerned with giving glory, honour, praise and thanks to God. It is our loving response to God’s invitation to enter into a relationship with Him, in word and action, made possible through the work of Jesus Christ and the witness of the Holy Spirit.

In line with both our legal requirement and faith commitments, prayer and worship takes place daily. It can take place in different forms; a single act of worship for all children in a key stage or separate acts of worship for individual classes or year groups.

Throughout the year, a carefully planned child-centred programme of prayer and liturgy is celebrated, taking into account key events in the Church’s liturgical calendar. It also considers Feast Days, world events, the work of groups such as CAFOD, inspirational people and recognises/includes other faith traditions.

Little Prayer House

We have created a 'Little Prayer House' in the school grounds. This provides a calm, focussed oasis for prayer and reflection as a class or small group. Our Pupil Chaplains hold prayer groups for younger classes during their break times.

Please feel free to visit our Prayer House before and after school, where you and your children can spend time reflecting or write a prayer in our Book of Prayerful Intentions.



Southampton Pastoral Area - Central & West

Springhill works closely with Monsignor Vincent Harvey and Father Ross Bullock, from our local parish, and Deacon Andy Philpott.


St Joseph’s and St Edmund’s is our local parish and we make visits to St Edmund’s Church as part of their R.E. curriculum and also celebrate Mass with the community. On the feast day of St Peter and St Paul (29th June) every year, the whole school celebrates Mass together in the church.

In addition to this parish, we also have strong links with the parishes of St Boniface and Immaculate Conception and both Fr David Sillince and Fr Antony Gatt.

All of our priests contribute to chaplaincy meetings and provide worship and celebrations for us in addition to supporting our RE curriculum.


Another valuable addition are the Dominican sisters from Sway who run a weekly club, Fanning the Flame, in school on a Friday.