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The beginning of a new school year means new things— like new Pupil Chaplains. Having done multiple things, we would like to share everything about the career of a Pupil Chaplain. 


The role of a chaplain is very important as you have to help and guide children on their journey of faith. You have a huge role but it is important to have fun along the way. 


As part of our role we welcome new pupils and staff. We lead collective worships and help at school masses. 

We have been working with younger children and ,through encouraging them to pray, have helped them become closer to God. Also part of our role is to help raise money for charity which we did with the scavenger hunt.


Being a chaplain is great! As a chaplain it helps your own faith as you get to think more about God yourself and work harder to be a good role model for children when you pray with them. The best part is seeing people enjoying the collective worships that we have put lots of effort into and watching the school grow as they learn more about Jesus. 


The most difficult part is being a role model to other children and leading them closer to God because all children of God can make a mistake and no-one is perfect. Also, leading the school to deeper faith in God is difficult: we have to encourage other children to come to collective worship or pray the Rosary together as a community.                   

In order to become a pupil chaplain, you must understand that you will always need to respect and care for those in a group who want to say their thoughts. 


We think that we can help new Pupil Chaplains by inviting them to collective worships. In this way we will be giving them ideas for when they lead their own collective worships. 


Before we do pass on our role to the new Pupil Chaplains we are aiming to achieve a few more goals. These include raising some more money for charity and carrying on our collective worships with classes. 




Commissioning of Pupil Chaplains by Bishop Philip Egan


Training day

We went to Fareham with Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Friel to be commissioned by Bishop Philip. We spent the morning participating in activities to help us lead our school in our journey of faith.

A message to the Head teacher from Deacon Andrew Philpott on interviewing applicants for the post of Pupil Chaplain.


I have returned home from an uplifting afternoon interviewing Pupil Chaplains from Year 5.

What an afternoon it has been. I was at times almost moved to tears. For eight posts as Pupil Chaplain, sixteen children applied, each submitting a letter of application, and each presenting to the panel of three, something about themselves and why they sought the post. This in itself was a formidable undertaking for children of their age. What they said of the role, how they conducted themselves with each other in the group session at the end of the afternoon, was far beyond my anticipation.


All of the children were worthy of such a role, such a ministry, within Springhill.