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Meet the Team

Our staffing team consists of:

Our leadership team:


Mrs Ashworth

Deputy Head

Mrs Hall

Assistant Head

Mrs Lacey

Assistant Head

Mrs Keogh-Foy

Our teaching staff:

Our Foundation Stage (Year R) teachers are:

Year Leader: Mrs Lushaju and Mrs Hall

Mrs Simmonds

Miss Hamerlak

Mrs Lushaju

Our Year 1 teachers are:

Year Leader: Mrs Hall

Ms Bagot

Miss Cross

Mrs Szasz

Our Year 2 teachers are:

Year Leader: Mrs Reeves

Mrs Lively

Mrs Dass

Mrs White

Our Year 3 teachers are:

Year Leader: Mrs Keogh Foy

Mrs Crighton-Lee

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Russel

Our Year 4 teachers are:

Year Leader: Mrs Lacey

Mr Davies

Mr Walter

Mrs Healey

Our Year 5 teachers are:

Year Leader: Miss Polden and Mrs Lacey

Miss Murray

Miss Polden

Mr Kay

Our Year 6 teachers are:

Year Leader: Miss Calver

Miss Palmer

Mr Sutherland

Miss Calver

Mrs Pollard

Other Teaching Staff:

Mr Wyatt - Music teacher

Miss Gallagher - Computing teacher

Mrs Lucas - Cover teacher

Mrs Brown - Cover teacher

Ms Moody

Music Staff:

Mrs McWilliams

Mr Simpson

Mr Llewellyn

ELSA and Home Link Worker:

Mrs Chapman

Learning Support Assistants:

Ms Rzesna, Mrs Kalkowska, Mrs Sulewska-Singh, Mrs Sanger, Mrs Rankin.

Miss Jesus, Mr Joyeusaz, Mrs Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Miss Vigouroux, Mrs Wilamowska. Miss Baraclough. 

  Mrs Heyes, Ms Poulkari, Mrs Gokal, Mr Noach, Fernandes 

Mrs Thornton, Mrs Coutinho, Mrs Le Flohic, Mrs Dear.

Ms Milne,  Mrs Donnachie, Mrs Petch, Mrs Kedzior, Mr Quarrie

Mrs Richardson, Mrs Llewellyn, Mrs O'Connell, Mrs Philips, Mrs Speigal,

Mr Cowap, Mrs Greene, Mrs Gonda, Mrs Khamzina, Ms Street.

English Hub:

Mrs Keogh-Foy (English Hub Lead), Mrs Williams (Lead Literacy Specialist), Ms Strzelecka (Literacy Specialist) and Mrs Lafford (Administration)

ELSA/Home Support Link:

Susan Chapman

Our Office Staff:

Ms Vicky Inch (School Business Manager)

Ms Webb, Mrs Rudge (Admissions),

Mrs Gooding, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Deol, Mrs Everett and Mrs Wake

Our Caretaker:

Mr Neil Morley