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Plastic-free Day - May 8th 2019

May 8th 2019 is (Single-use) Plastic-Free Day! Springhill is one of over 100 schools taking part; more than 40,000 students will be spending the day learning about the impact of plastic pollution on our environment and hopefully avoiding single-use plastic for the day.  We hope that this helps everyone involved to think more about their single-use plastic ‘footprint’ and the impact that it can have on our oceans and wildlife. 

Examples of single-use plastic to avoid are cling-film, crisp packets, juice cartons, any packets of sweets or treats, sandwich bags.  We would like to ask all parents to support us by sending your children to school with reusable water bottles and Tupperware boxes.  The kitchen will be going plastic-free, as well as all the adults in school.

Some of our pupils will be talking about Plastic-free Day at BBC Radio Solent, at 8 a.m. on Wednesday 8th May.