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Accelerated Reader Update

Accelerated Reader Update

As you know, we have begun using Accelerated Reader (AR) in Key Stage 2 and more recently in year 2. This has been met with much enthusiasm from the children which hopefully you have seen at home too! Part of the programme allows you, as the parents, to be able to have greater access to your child’s reading results once they have completed their quizzes at school. A letter has been sent home with your child which gives the details for ‘Home Connect’. This is a way that your child can log on and share their results with you for their AR quizzes and review the books read. By signing up, you will be emailed when your child has completed a new quiz to keep you up to date with their results. An information sheet explaining this further is attached in the link below.

There are various incentives which will be starting soon to encourage the children to read. These successes will be shared in the weekly newsletter as a celebration of the hard work the children are putting in.

It is also easy for you to find books for your child to read based on their ZPD, age and interests. The AR book finder website ‘Advanced Search’ section allows you to enter the right ZPD for your child, their age and search by genre, topic and interest to find more book suggestions. These lists can be easily printed and although not every book will be in our school library, they can be borrowed from local libraries or read as e-books on an electronic device. The address for AR Book Finder is


Whilst we are so pleased that the children are really enjoying Accelerated Reader, we are not limiting the children to reading only books with AR quizzes. However the children are encouraged to check if a book has an AR quiz once they have read it, even if they are not sure if there is one as Renaissance Learning update their quizzes daily.

There is also a guide attached which may answer any other questions that you may have which the children cannot answer.