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Helping Others

As a community, Springhill support a range of charities throughout the year. 


Previous charities have included:

  • Royal British Legion - selling poppies
  • Shoebox Appeal - collecting shoeboxes for the Rotary Club of Southampton to distribute amongst less fortunate children in Albania, Montenegro, Moldova and Romania
  • CAFOD.


This Christmas, our 'eco-warriors' organised a food collection for the local food bank in lieu of sending Christmas cards. 



We worked out that if only ten people in each class gave out ten cards, that would be one hundred cards for each class in the school!

There are twenty-one classes, so we calculated that to be a total of two thousand, one hundred cards and envelopes!



Thank you to everyone who gave food donations instead of Christmas cards. In our year group bubbles, we collected the food and packed it up on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. Then, someone from Poitiers Care came to collect the food. This charity helps people in need in Southampton. The charity was very grateful.

We should all be very proud because we helped the environment and we helped people in need!