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Afterschool Art Clubs are run by Mrs N. LeFlohic

Inspired by Aboriginal art - Year 5 Art Club


Inspired by 'The Golden Fish', Paul Klee - Year 6 Art Club


Evening Winter Sky, Sunset - Year 5 Art Club

Chalk pastel and felt tip.

Work by Edie, Sophie, Amina, Martyna N, Dawid, Marcel, Meagan, Jasmine A, Julia, Matty J, Alessio, Matty K

Gulls - Year 5 Art Club

Watercolour, pencil and pen drawing


Gull - by Martyna





Ladybirds - work by Year 4 Art Club members

by Daphne 4CD



by Naomi 4BM


This work was created using watercolour paints and black felt tip pens.


In the Style of Andy Warhol - work by Year 5 club members




Pottery pieces created by Year 6 Art Club


Taking their inspiration from Paul Klee's 'The Golden Fish', members of Mrs LeFlohic's afterschool Year 6 Art Club produced the following pieces of work. They used oil pastels, watercolours and pencil to create their work.