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Springhill Catholic Primary School

Year Groups


Classes in Foundation are:

FEL            Mrs Lushaju

FDH           Mrs Hamerlak

FGS            Mrs Simmonds

Early Years Assistants:

Mrs L. Coutinho

Mrs E. Gokal

Ms L. Du Lac

Mrs D. Speigal

Miss M. Rzesna 

 Welcome to Springhill

Introduction to Foundation Stage

Foundation Year Curriculum Map

How to Teach Your Child to Read and Spell

A Parent's Guide to Foundation Learning

Year 1

Classes in Year 1 are:

1RS            Miss Smith

1NC           Miss Cross

1LW           Mrs Williams

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs E. Polacek

Mrs S. Petch

Mrs H. Gonda

Miss J. Jesus

Mrs E. Kalkowska


Year 1 Information Meeting

Year 1 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 1 Reading Presentation

Year 2

Classes in Year 2 are:

2OD           Mrs Dass

2GM           Miss Murray

2ER            Mrs Reeves

Learning Support Assistants: 

Mrs C. Heyes 

Mrs L. Thornton

Mrs S. Buckley

Miss B. Landa

Mrs A. Zal-Kedzior

Mr A. Jay 


Year 2 Information Meeting

Year 2 Curriculum Map

KS1 Reading Presentation

Methods of Teaching Maths in Year 2

Year 2 SATs 

Year 3

Classes in Year 3 are:

3DB            Miss Bagot

3CL            Mrs Crighton-Lee

3MR           Mrs Russell

Learning Support Assistants:    

Ms P. Street

Mrs T. Donnachie

Mrs M. O’Connell

Miss M. Milne

Year 4

Classes in Year 4 are:

4JH             Mrs Healey

4SJ             Mrs Jay

4SW           Mr Walter

Learning Support Assistants:   

Mrs M. Phillips

Mrs C. Greene

Mr R. Quarrie  

Year 4 Information Meeting

Year 4 Curriculum Map


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Year 5

Classes in Year 5 are:

5EP            Miss Polden

5DR           Mrs Robinson

5IR             Mr Rylands

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs M. Richardson

Mrs M. Dear 

Year 5 Information Meeting

Year 5 Curriculum Map

100 Books to Read Before you Leave Primary School

Year 6

Classes in Year 6 are:

6JP             Miss Palmer

6HC           Miss Calver

6JS             Mr Sutherland

Learning Support Assistants:

Mr M. Cowap

Mrs N. Le Flohic

Mrs R. Jones  

Year 6 Information Meeting

Year 6 Curriculum Map

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