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Springhill Catholic Primary School

Pupil Voice

Springhill School Council

At Springhill Catholic Primary School, children are at the heart of our school community. 

As a school, we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children and the School Council is one way of ensuring that the voice of the children is heard and has an impact on the development and daily life of the school. 

Each year, children are invited to represent their year group on the school council.  They may put their name forward and make a presentation encouraging others to vote for them. Elections are then held within each year group. 

Our councillors help to keep our school: 

  • a safe and happy place for children 
  • a place where children can voice their concerns 
  • a place where we encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements 
  • a place where suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon. 

    The school council is organised into 3 groups and children from year groups 2 to 6 are represented. Each group focuses on a specific area providing a greater opportunity to have their voice heard and to act on decisions. 

    Our groups are: 
  • Pupil Forum – where we aim to promote pupil voice and help to develop and realise ideas on a range of aspects of school life
  • Curriculum and Learning Group – where we aim to support and encourage our peers as well as feedback on curriculum and learning from the children’s’ perspective
  • Eco Warriors – where we support helping to make a difference for our environment at school and in our community 

    School councillors collect the thoughts and ideas of the children in their year group then bring them to the appropriate council group where decisions on how to progress further are made and then actions are carried out. 


  • Each year brings new challenges and 21/22 is no different. With the restrictions required to keep us safe and healthy, we are considering how we can continue to support our school to be the very best that it can be.