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Pupil Chaplaincy Team

What is a Chaplain?

A Chaplain will be committed to:

  • helping to lead a community of faith
  • helping pupils to live their faith in their daily lives
  • supporting the children in our school to develop good relationships in our school
  • helping our school develop good relationships with our community


How will they achieve this?

They will:

  • welcome new staff and pupils to our school
  • lead Key Stage collective worships
  • help to lead Masses and Liturgical events


Chaplains will share their good work by means of:

  • a dedicated section on the school website
  • broadcasting good news and acts of stewardship during lunch times



Commissioning of Pupil Chaplains by Bishop Philip Egan


                                                  Our Aim


        To help and guide our school in our journey of faith


Training day

We went to Fareham with Mrs Rhodes and Mrs Friel to be commissioned by Bishop Philip. We spent the morning participating in activities to help us lead our school in our journey of faith.

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A message to the Head teacher from Deacon Andrew Philpott on interviewing applicants for the post of Pupil Chaplain.


I have returned home from an uplifting afternoon interviewing Pupil Chaplains from Year 5.

What an afternoon it has been. I was at times almost moved to tears. For eight posts as Pupil Chaplain, sixteen children applied, each submitting a letter of application, and each presenting to the panel of three, something about themselves and why they sought the post. This in itself was a formidable undertaking for children of their age. What they said of the role, how they conducted themselves with each other in the group session at the end of the afternoon, was far beyond my anticipation.


All of the children were worthy of such a role, such a ministry, within Springhill. 


Introductions from two of the newly appointed Pupil Chaplains.

Hi, my name is Natalie and I am a member of your Pupil Chaplaincy Team. If you have any worries, then feel free to tell me or one of my wonderful team members. I am kind and caring, which not only means that I care about myself but also for others around me.  Furthermore, I have wanted to be a Pupil Chaplain because I know that I will lead the school in the journey of faith.


Hi, my name is Harriet and I am a Pupil Chaplain.

As a Pupil Chaplain, my aim is to help you on your journey of faith by doing different things, such as: expanding the Prayer House so that it will be a nicer place for you to pray, creating a prayer garden, raising money for charity and many more exciting challenges. We didn't just get to be a Pupil Chaplain straight away; we had to attend a training course where I learnt some things and we were given ideas to share with YOU!

At the end of the training day, a special visitor, Bishop Philip, came to commission us as Pupil Chaplains!

My individual goal is to make our world a better place!